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Why Choose Bethel UniversityBethel University offers quality training in a christian environment.

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We have Modern Training Methods

We consistently carry out research to enable us deliver using global training standards.


A tight Continuous Assessment Program

A monitoring system based on continuous assesment allows us focus on individual training needs.

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Full time, Part time and Block release Classes

We offer flexible training to suit the needs of both busy professionals and full time students.

Well Documented

We have Latest Training Material

A well stocked library updated with the latest books to match the course requirements.

Powerful Admin Panel

Education Support Systems

Computer based monitoring and evaluation systems to monitor and improve student performance.


Approved by Higher Learning Authority

Bethel University is an approved learning center accredited to the higher Education Authority.

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Bethel University is the first Christian University to be established in the Western part of the Republic of Zambia.

It is a support Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Bethel University's goal is to offer holistic university education in which the Head, the Hand and the Heart are trained.




Training Campus


Undergraduate Courses


Post Graduate Courses

The Location of the University

Bethel University is located in Mongu the capital of Western Province of Zambia 600 km west of Lusaka -the capital of Zambia.

Mongu happens to be the district in which the seat of the Barotse Royal Establishment is located.

Further it is the venue of the famous and re-known Kuomboka Ceremony of the Lozi people in which The Litunga (i.e. The Lozi King) leaves Lealui( his summer capital) in the Barotse Flood Plains for Limulunga (his winter capital).

This ceremony takes place annually as the Barotse plains get flooded.

Further about 25 km west of Mongu lies the Mighty Zambezi River (locally known as The Liambai) on its journey southwards and then eastwards to the Mighty Victoria Falls and finally to the Indian Ocean.

About 80 km west of Mongu, lies the Liuwa National Park in Kalabo District.

Bethel University is strategically located on a highland overlooking the famous Barotse Plains thus presenting a very beautiful scenery throughout the year.


Enrollment is open to all qualified individuals regardless of tribe/race, colour, nationality, religious affiliation and gender.

Bethel University

The university offers an environment where a holistic education is provided.

Phone and Email

+260 217 221 306
+260 977 890 071
+260 953 152 070
+260 973 280 696


Contact Info

The Registrar, Bethel University, P. O. Box 910088, MONGU, ZAMBIA.